State Comission on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing Persons



Materials collected by the State Commission on Prisoners of War, Hostages, and Missing Persons prove that the Armenian servicemen and government officials deliberately followed a policy of genocide (torture and inhuman behavior) against Azerbaijan hostages. Hundreds of Azerbaijan citizens, including women, children and the elderly people have been the victims of unbearable torture in armenian captivity. Prisoners and hostages exposed various tortures, they were severely beaten and deliberately crippled. Their nails and teeth have been removed, wounds filled with salt, and benzene injected into their veins.

Above mentioned facts of torture and inhuman behavior are proved by the following documented facts:

Shovgi Khagani ogly Aliyev was three years old (on 24 July 1993) when he was taken hostage by armenian troops. His humerus was removed by armenian "doctors", as a result of this inhuman treatment he became an invalid;

Guljamal Guliyeva was taken hostage during the occupation of the Kelbajar district of Azerbaijan (on 31 March 1993). Armenian “doctor” Aida Serobyan injected her newborn son Arzu Hajiyev with an unknown substance. As a result of which he became the disabled person and died in 2003.

• In front of the eyes of fifteen year old hostage Nazakat Mammadova, armenian servicemen horribly tortured her father and cut off his ears. Her mother did not bear to the threats and blackmails and lost her mind. The girl was ransomed back by her family members (for four million Russian rubles);
Dadashova Zamina Goyush gizi was wounded in the arm when she was taken hostage by armenian servicemen. She was deprived from health care; as a result of it the wound festered and became gangrenous. Now her left hand is disabled. Armenian servicemen shot on the spot her father Goyush Dadashov and elderly grandmother Goncha Ibadova;

Kaklik Hasanova was taken hostage by armenian servicemen in Agdam district of Azerbaijan. Armenian guards horribly tortured her, her 16 teeth were removed via nails and pincers;

• During the occupation of Agdam district of Azerbaijan, the elderly woman, Shirinova Shargiya Rza gizi was taken hostage by armenian servicemen. During 6 month she constantly tortured by armenian servicemen, via nails and pincers, have been removed her 8 gold teeth;

• 65 year old Mammadova Binish Rasul ogly and 69-year-old Ismayilova Sara Mirish gizi were taken hostage during the occupation of Gubadli district, and were held in a military camp in Khankendi. During the captivity, in the afternoon they forced to perform hard physical works, and in the nights they had been brutally beaten. Two women that held with them in captivity, by the name Shahsanam and Asli, could not withstand to the torture and died in captivity;

• Russian descent citizen of Azerbaijan Republic, the resident of the city of Agdam, Vladimir Ivanovich Shevelev was undergone brutal tortures in armenian captivity. He testified that in 1994, during the occupation of Agdam, his 89-year-old mother Vera Davidovna, elderly sister Svetlana Ivanovna, and 58 year old sick brother Anatoli Ivanovich were killed and burned by armenian servicemen. He also saw a large number of bodies of women and children near Agdam canal. Moreover, he witnessed that during the occupation of Agdam, armenian servicemen took hostage seven mentally disordered people, including two women patients of mental hospital. One of them was liberated and as a result of beating and torture another patient died in the captivity, the fate of the others is still unknown;

• The resident of Agdam city, Abbasov Ali Rasul ogly (DoB 1930) was taken hostage, during the captivity he was regularly tortured, beaten and burned by the cigarettes. After the release, he could not recover his health and as a result of the physical and moral torture, died shortly after being released;

Aghayev Murvat Fetish ogly was taken hostage by armenian servicemen in Fuzuli district. He was regularly beaten by Armenian servicemen; they cut off his ear, hung him from a tree, and lit his feet;

• As a result of constant beating, branding with hot objects, hitting to head, the prisoners of war Dashdamirov Novruz Muhammad ogly and Garayev Namig Javashir ogly lost their mind and have become mentally ill;

Mammadov Abdulazim Majnun ogly was wounded while being taken hostage. In captivity he was beaten with rubber batons, and tortured by a specially trained dog;

• Prisoners of war Murshudov Sadraddin Aslan ogly had been forced to swallow glass fragments;

• During the military operation Mammadov Abdulazim Majnun ogly was wounded and taken hostage. In armenian captivity he was brutally beaten with the rubber batons, injected with the benzene and tortured by specially trained dogs;

Mail Mammadov Magomedali ogly was branded in the breast area with the cross shaped hot objects and injected petrol in armenian captivity;

• Prisoner of war Huseynov Cavid Aga ogly was brutally beaten in armenian captivity. As a result of it his jaw and ribs had been broken. He was horribly tortured, armenian servicemen poured acid to his wound;

• G. Hudiyeva was taken hostage by armenian servicemen. She testified that armenian servicemen took hostage her grandson, seven-month baby Babek Ilyasov and shot the mother of the baby Afet Mirzoyeva and grandfather Aslan Mirzoyev. As a result of the splinters of explosion was wounded Babek's right eye, he did not receive any medical care, armenian servicemen released him only after four month and as a result of it he lost sight.


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