State Comission on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing Persons

The speech of the chairman of the State Commission on Prisoners of wars, hostages and missing persons, Mr.M.Guliyev in the meeting on July 1, 2016. Opening and closing speech (short version).   

Dear members of the Commision!
Dear ladies and gentlemen!

It is known that since 1750, from different places, Russian empire began to migrate, Armenian population to the Western of Azerbaijan. After Gulustan (1913) and Turkmenchay (1928) treaties the process had been carried out more organized and more intensively. As a result of this migration, on May, 1918, on the historical Azerbaijani lands was created the Republic of Armenian.
The aim of this migration was separation of Turkish-speaking peoples through buffer zone, more precisely Ottoman empire with other turkish speaking peoples that had located in the east, in the one end Tatarstan and in the other Uyghurs. At that time the lack of speedy transportations, were not allowed Turkish-speaking peoples to create close contact with each others. And it deepened the split. I also want to note that our population knows the consequences of this policy that had been planned and carried out in the 18th and 19th centuries and also our population is still suffering its pain.
Since 1988, as a result of military operations of Armenian fascists, Azerbaijan Republic has lost 20% of its territory. But finally, as a result of the considerable and precise policy of the president of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev who is the successor of political course that has founded by the National leader of Azerbaijan, one part of the occupied territories has been released in April of this year.
The conflict continues more than 20 years and during this period 3083 our compatriots were officially registered as missing person. As a result of the works of the State Commission, 1436 hostages had been released from captivity and were brought to Azerbaijan. By the way, I would like to note that in this case International Committee of the Red Cross has closely assisted to the State Commission. Currently the Commission has been working on the release of our prisoner-hostage compatriots and as well as getting back the bodies of our servicemen who died as a result of the ceasefire violation.
As an example, during the Aprel events the boies of 13 soldiers were taken back and in June, Alekberova Gatiba İbrahim gizi who lost the way and had detained in territory of the Republic of Armenia was released and got back to the homeland,. Currently the State Commission has been continuing works towards the release of Dilgam Asgarov and Shahbaz Guliyev who were taken hostage and illegally imprisoned by Armenian militaries.
Another important point is the determination of the places of tombs of persons that had been killed during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and buried unrecognized. So far 158 places of tombs has been determined and were registered by the working group. Also were determined GPS coordinates of 127 tombs. However If we will take into account the fact that the majority of registered persons had been missing in the occupied territories, you can imagine the scope of the works that will be done in case of signing the great peace agreement.

Dear members of the Commision!

Today mainly we have considered and analyzed the works that have been done during the 6 month of 2016. I think that the activities of the Working group during six month can be considered as satisfactory. In addition I would like to note once again that this is one of the major problems that worry both Azerbaijan government and society, and is pending its immediate solution. Therefore, there are a lot of works ahead.
The facts that the Armenian army is still in the territory of Azerbaijan, and recent provocations and intense violation of the ceasefire are the key factors of concern. Unfortunately, such cases cause human losses and therefore the numbers of war victims are growing. Non-constructive position of Armenia and as a result of it, absence of any change in the status quo calls into question the peace process. In this case, the main responsibility lies on Armenia and its military regime.
The representatives of several government agencies are represented in the State Commission. Using these factors and todys meeting, I consider necessary to stress several issues.
First of all, I would like to note that the appointment of a member of the Commission by the President of Azerbaijan Republic puts a huge responsibility on each of us. Therefore the commission closely deals with problems of prisoners, hostages and missing persons, and as I mentioned above it is very sensative issue and requires constant attention. Therefore, I ask the members of the Commission to pay a special attention to this area. As a member of the Commission, each of us should help the working group in the implementation of the setted goals and we have to be in close contact with them and stimulate its activities. Particularly in his or her field, each member of the Commission should contribute the resolving of the problems. Each member of the Commission should propose initiatives, and contribute its implementation. Simultaneously, during the internal and abroad events, the members of the Commission should deliver this problem into the attention of participants. In addition the members of the Commission must support the participation of the Working group representatives in these events, as well as have to support the spread of prepared materials. Only in this case, as a result of coordinated action we can effectively carry out our duties.
In conclusion, as a result of this meeting, I charge the leadership of the Working group detailed analyze sounded ideas and suggestions and also prepare the priority line.
Dear members of the Commission, I know that all of you are working in hard mode. Nevertheless you found time and come to the meeting, thefore I thank each of you. Thus, I declare the session closed.

Thank you for your attention!


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